What to Expect When Moving to San Francisco

What to Expect When Moving to San Francisco

San Francisco is a popular city among people who are not just looking for a new place of residence but for a whole new lifestyle. Many people, according to experience of Cardiff Movers, no matter how or when they are planning to move – alone or with family – consider SF, the largest city in the state of California, as a place they would love to live. I’m sure if you asked anybody in Cali they would all say that they always wanted to move here. This popularity has led to the fact that the city is the 4th largest in the state by its population and 12th largest in the United States. More than 800 thousand inhabitants live in San Francisco itself and many more in the surrounding metro region. The city also ranks as second in the US by population density (among cities with a population over 200 thousand inhabitants) with more than 18,000 people per square mile. The city covers an area of over 121 square kilometers. It is the financial, cultural and transportation center for San Francisco Bay, the largest metropolitan area in California with a population of over 7 million people.

One of the main reasons for which many people consider a relocation to San Francisco, is the fact that the city has an amazingly developed economy. Since the days of the Gold Rush San Francisco has been considered to be an important financial and commercial center. Nowadays the region has many high-tech industries, companies and research centers. To the south of San Francisco Bay is where the world famous Silicon Valley is located. This huge technology center has a strong impact on the economy of the region and the country too. More than just high tech computer gadgetry is the pharmaceutical industry which is also highly developed. Hundreds of companies engage in medical electronics, genetic engineering and biotechnology which not only improve the prosperity of the area but the healthcare as well.

Trade in the region of San Francisco goes through the major Port of Oakland as well as eight other small ports and three key airports, which provide about 30 percent of trade for all of the West coast of the country. So when we say major hub for trade and tourism, we mean it.

It is no secret that one of the great pillars of the local economy is tourism of course. San Francisco ranks third in America for the number of foreign tourists which visit this city each and every year. In total there are more than 17 million people who come to San Francisco every year because it is here that they know they will find a lot of things that will make their vacation something special. A surprising statistic is the number of people who come to SF to simply take interesting walks downtown or in the surrounding region. So before you think it is just a tourist trap you now need to consider the beauty of the place because all these people come for a walking related reason.

As in any major city there is busy traffic and a lot of people. However, the high skyscrapers of city center coexist with the older and more unique buildings such as those found in Chinatown, which is perhaps the largest Chinatown in the US with its pagodas, narrow alleys and exotic products in the shop windows. And don’t forget the food. Street vendors in SF are becoming world famous for their culinary delights.

When it comes down to urban landscape, San Francisco is very varied with hills, ethnic districts and neighborhoods, beautiful parks and coastal areas all adding to the flavor of this magic city. It is difficult to count how many hills are in the city, but their approximate number is 50. Many of the hills of San Francisco are so well known that numbered among the attractions of the city are the popular Twin Peaks Hills, luxury Nob Hill and Rushen Hill.

The museums of San Francisco are also amazing. The most popular of these are the de Young Memorial Museum with its vast collection of American art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Asian Art Museum, where artifacts of most Asian countries are kept, the Wells Fargo History Museum and many others.

Many people after completing their move to San Francisco join in with the touristy thing of taking photos with the main symbol of San Francisco – the Golden Gate Bridge. Many people believed that this bridge could not be built due to the fact that in this area there is too foggy; the winds blow more than 60 miles per hour and the strong ocean currents which would prevent building. San Franciscers, however, defied nature and won. Now the golden silhouette of the bridge is clearly visible even in heavy fog. The length of the bridge is 2730 meters and there are six rows of traffic and two pedestrian walkways. The bridge is suspended by two main ropes 93 cm thick! Each rope is made up of a plurality of thin wires. They say that if you stretch out these cables end to end, they would go round the Earth 3 times.

So if you are moving to SF and need long-distance moving help Cardiff Movers is an experienced and affordable option to choose and if you need only local move within San Francisco try some of moving companies in California. So open the golden gate to your dream future and consider moving to San Francisco. With welcoming diversity, people and culture anyone can feel right at home. 

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