The ultimate moving checklist: how to avoid comon moving mistakes

The ultimate moving checklist: how to avoid comon moving mistakes

Whether you are dealing with the long distance or short distance move, it can be stressful. However, there are tips you can follow to make the relocation easy. Get armed with these and create your hassle-free moving experience. 

  • Get organized 

Do not go head first into the moving process. Take a moment to organize and prepare yourself before you prepare your house. Start writing down your moving checklist. You may download a temple from the internet or create your own. 

Make several lists. Post them on your fridge or some other place and keep adding things when you come to think of them. Do not hope you can hold them all in your head. Make one list for packing supplies you need; another one for things to donate, give away or dispose of. A new list for your pets’ relocation, etc. 

  • Get a strategy

Plan the packing process. You can go room by room. Plan the help. You cannot and should not be doing it alone. Get your family actively participating in it. even small kids can help, if you turn packing into a play. Ask your friends, church folks or relatives to give you a hand. 

  • Pick your movers

First go online and get few quotes in advance or you will have to use last-minute movers then who are much more expensive. Then interview your movers to find the best option. The cheapest is not always the best. They say: hiring professionals is expensive, but you try to hire an amateur! So, take your time to find the best match for your moving needs. Consider hiring a full-service agency to handle your packing, loading, moving, unloading, etc. Place the order ahead of time. This way you can get a cheaper price and have everything booked. 

  • Count the costs

Once you know how much you are going to pay for the truck and moving services, go through your things one more time. Count the costs of transporting them over vs. buying new stuff. In some cases, you do not really need the thing. You just like to have it. Moving is a great time to declutter! 

  • Prepare your moving kit 

Once you get to the new location, you would need certain things there. Things to last you first few days: your clean socks and underwear, your makeup or washing supplies, your tooth brushes and paste, etc. Just pack all those items in a separate carry no bag. You may pack such a bag for each of your family member and make them responsible to handle it. 

  • Count your boxes

Make sure to do that before the truck is load and after you unload it. Make an inventory, number and label your boxes to see, if anything is missing. 

These easy relocation tips can help you arrange the process and control it. No need to get stressed out over it, if you plan everything ahead of time.   


Moving can become a bundle of trouble, if you do not watch for the commonly made mistakes. Getting a list of them can help you plan everything carefully and carry out a successful move. 

A list of most commonly made moving mistakes: 

  • Going with the first quote you get 

Do not limit yourself to just one moving company or the first quote you get. Take your time and ask for quotes from several places. You would be amazed at how much you can save just asking the right questions and carrying out negotiations. So, start planning ahead of time and hire the best service provider. 

  • Not making a plan to move your most valued possessions

You may think the movers would handle it all, but in most cases they do not move such things, as expensive wine, jewelry or some antique breakables. No need to plan the room for such things in the truck. Better come up with an alternative moving plan or find the movers that insure and handle these types of things. 

  • Forgetting about the insurance 

Most relocation companies do provide insurance to their clients. However, that may not be enough for you. It may not cover up all the expenses or situations. So, first of all check out for what they have to offer and next find the best insurance solution to keep your belongings safe. 

  • Forgetting to pack a first night kit

Even if you label and mark every box as well as possible, unpacking things the first night after the arrival can be a daunting task. So, the best solution is to pack your “survival” kit. Put everything you need the first day at your new place in one bag or box. Put your teeth brush and other personal care things there. Get some food, cups, clothes, etc. This way you can make yourself comfortable enough and reduce the level of stress. 

  • Moving in the high season or rush hour 

A move from town to town can become much more expensive, if you carry it out in high season. Prices go up during the summer, on weekends or holidays, etc. On the other hand moving during the low season can save you cash. So, check out for the best offer, book ahead of time and get all the discounts you can from your local furniture movers or popular franchise companies. If you move around the town, plan the relocation in the low traffic time. 

These tips would help you to avoid most commonly made mistakes and to handle your relocation the right way.

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