The ultimate moving checklist: how to avoid comon moving mistakes

The ultimate moving checklist: how to avoid comon moving mistakes

Moving the home, office, or commercial establishment can be very stressful. But you don’t have to feel overwhelmed if you can plan everything efficiently. Here is a moving check-list that will help you stay organized, plan all the tasks, and avoid the common mistakes. Don’t leave anything to chance for the big day. Our tips for moving and the check-list will answer many of your queries on how to move in California. They will help both short and long-distance moves.

  • Get organized

Write down your moving check-list. Move from room to room and write down each item that must be relocated. Ask everyone in the family for help. Once the list is ready, find out the total number of things that need to be moved. You can even take pictures so you know whether there are any damages once the move is complete.

  • De-clutter

Look at every room in your house. There must surely be many unwanted clothing, furniture you don’t need anymore, and other things like pots, pans, bedding, and dishes. Donate them to charities or sell off. This is one of the most important moving tips that will help you greatly. You will reduce the cost if you make the move leaner. Plus, you don’t want to clutter up the new home.

  • Prepare a budget

Create a relocation budget. Long-distance moves can cost around $5000. A local move will only be around $1000 or less.

  • Find a moving company

It is always best to work with a professional moving service. There are many California moving companies. Ask your friends who have relocated before. Search on the internet. Look at their credentials and experience. Prepare a shortlist of 2-3 businesses and then speak with them. Ask for quotes. Ask tips for moving. See how helpful they are. Finalize the moving date and time. Remember, cheapest is not always the best.

You may want to hire a full-service moving company that can do everything – packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, and cleaning.

  • Set up an essentials bag

It will be good to have an essentials bag with you all the time. The bag should contain important documents, keys, medicines, water, jewelry, toothbrush and paste, and one change of clothing. Never let this bag go out of your eyes. While considering packing tips for moving, think of what essential items you can include in this bag.

  • Count the boxes

Always remember our packing tips for moving because they will make your job much easier. Count the number of boxes you have once the packing has been done and before they are loaded into the truck. Do one final comparing with your moving check-list to make sure that everything has been included.

These easy relocation tips can help you arrange the process and control it. No need to get stressed out over it, if you plan everything ahead of time.

How to Avoid Common Moving Mistakes

You can read a moving guide and go through several moving tips. But even after this, many people make several critical mistakes. Here are some of the most common mistakes made during the relocation.

  • Not receiving more than one quote

Always research several relocation companies and ask them to quote the price. You should at least get 2-3 quotes before deciding. Remember, negotiation can save you money. Tell them that you are speaking with other moving companies as well. You can be sure to receive lower prices if you do this.

  • Not hiring a fully insured mover

There can be damages during the loading, transit, and unloading even if you are working with the best moving company, and even after they take all possible precautions. This is why you must always work with a company that offers fully insured moves. This will ensure that you get paid for any damage.

  • Selecting the cheapest moving company

You will either receive an in-home estimate or they will just ask for the number of bedrooms and then provide you a quote. Never go with the cheapest quote. You may have to spend a few hundred dollars more, but remember, your things are always more valuable, especially if you have critical items like electronics, glassware, chandelier, piano, and valuable furniture.

  • Not beginning to pack early

Start packing as soon as the move is finalized. This will give you more time to get organized and plan everything well. You can save money if you pack yourself. You can find free or cheap packing boxes if you approach your local grocery or liquor store. Read a moving guide to know what other packing supplies you need and how to find them at low price.

  • Not labeling the boxes

You must always label each box with the items in it. Compare with your moving check-list once done. Labeling will help you find out easily which box contains what items. This will help you unpack and arrange everything at the new place.

  • Not selecting the right moving time

High season or rush hour moves will always cost you more. Prices also go up during the summer, on holidays, and weekends. Speak with your moving company. Ask them how to move in California on a budget. Find out which day of the week and time of the day can save you money. Ask whether a weekday evening will be better for you. Find out whether they can offer you any discount.

  • Not transferring the utilities

You want to have everything ready at the new place – water, electricity, internet. You will also have to look for a new school for your child. Do everything while you are planning the move. Be ready so that life can start immediately.

This moving guide and check-list will surely help you immensely. With these tips for moving, you will be able to avoid the common mistakes many people make.

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