Prepare the children for a move

Prepare the children for a move

Therefore, it is important to keep as much as possible the habits, schedules, and routines of the child and warn him of the changes he will experience in the coming days.

The little ones can become whiny and sticky, pee again … You have to try to understand them and not shout or quarrel. A positive attitude on our part, knowing how to transmit enthusiasm and turn the transfer into an exciting experience will make things much easier. The crisis will pass and the child’s behavior will return to normal.

Here are some tips for children to adapt to changes that involve a move as soon as possible:

  1. It is good to visit with the child the neighborhood and the new house to be known before the move. When we show it to you, we will talk about what your room will be, what your father and mother are, what is the use of everything …
  2. Let’s offer small special periods of time to walk, read and play.
  3. We adults must also take care of ourselves and spend time: sufficient rest, physical exercise … which will allow us to have the necessary energy for the transfer and to take care of the children. Perhaps it is necessary to establish priorities and dispense with some daily tasks and activities.
  4. It is fundamental to share feelings, to allow complaints to surface, how difficult it can be to change homes and express everything we feel.
  5. But we must also highlight the positive, the incentives and advantages of the new neighborhood, the new house … Our enthusiasm will be contagious.
  6. It is better to keep the decoration of your room at the beginning and transfer your possessions and favorite objects to the new house. Beware of taking advantage of the change to get rid of old junk that may be important to the child!
  7. It is not the best time to introduce other important changes in the child’s life, such as removing diapers or starting to go to nursery school.

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