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What to Expect When Moving to San Francisco

What to Expect When Moving to San Francisco

San Francisco is a popular city among people who are not just looking for a new place of residence but for a whole new lifestyle. Many people, according to experience of Cardiff Movers, no matter how or when they are planning to move – alone or with family – consider SF, the largest city in the state of California, as a place they would love to live. I’m sure if you asked anybody in Cali they would all say that they always wanted to move here. This popularity has led to the fact that the city is the 4th largest in the state by its population and 12th largest in the United States. More than 800 thousand inhabitants live in San Francisco itself and many more in the surrounding metro region. The city also ranks as second in the US by population density (among cities with a population over 200 thousand inhabitants) with more than 18,000 people per square mile. The city covers an area of over 121 square kilometers. It is the financial, cultural and transportation center for San Francisco Bay, the largest metropolitan area in California with a population of over 7 million people.

One of the main reasons for which many people consider a relocation to San Francisco, is the fact that the city has an amazingly developed economy. Since the days of the Gold Rush San Francisco has been considered to be an important financial and commercial center. Nowadays the region has many high-tech industries, companies and research centers. To the south of San Francisco Bay is where the world famous Silicon Valley is located. This huge technology center has a strong impact on the economy of the region and the country too. More than just high tech computer gadgetry is the pharmaceutical industry which is also highly developed. Hundreds of companies engage in medical electronics, genetic engineering and biotechnology which not only improve the prosperity of the area but the healthcare as well.

Trade in the region of San Francisco goes through the major Port of Oakland as well as eight other small ports and three key airports, which provide about 30 percent of trade for all of the West coast of the country. So when we say major hub for trade and tourism, we mean it.

It is no secret that one of the great pillars of the local economy is tourism of course. San Francisco ranks third in America for the number of foreign tourists which visit this city each and every year. In total there are more than 17 million people who come to San Francisco every year because it is here that they know they will find a lot of things that will make their vacation something special. A surprising statistic is the number of people who come to SF to simply take interesting walks downtown or in the surrounding region. So before you think it is just a tourist trap you now need to consider the beauty of the place because all these people come for a walking related reason.

As in any major city there is busy traffic and a lot of people. However, the high skyscrapers of city center coexist with the older and more unique buildings such as those found in Chinatown, which is perhaps the largest Chinatown in the US with its pagodas, narrow alleys and exotic products in the shop windows. And don’t forget the food. Street vendors in SF are becoming world famous for their culinary delights.

When it comes down to urban landscape, San Francisco is very varied with hills, ethnic districts and neighborhoods, beautiful parks and coastal areas all adding to the flavor of this magic city. It is difficult to count how many hills are in the city, but their approximate number is 50. Many of the hills of San Francisco are so well known that numbered among the attractions of the city are the popular Twin Peaks Hills, luxury Nob Hill and Rushen Hill.

The museums of San Francisco are also amazing. The most popular of these are the de Young Memorial Museum with its vast collection of American art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Asian Art Museum, where artifacts of most Asian countries are kept, the Wells Fargo History Museum and many others.

Many people after completing their move to San Francisco join in with the touristy thing of taking photos with the main symbol of San Francisco – the Golden Gate Bridge. Many people believed that this bridge could not be built due to the fact that in this area there is too foggy; the winds blow more than 60 miles per hour and the strong ocean currents which would prevent building. San Franciscers, however, defied nature and won. Now the golden silhouette of the bridge is clearly visible even in heavy fog. The length of the bridge is 2730 meters and there are six rows of traffic and two pedestrian walkways. The bridge is suspended by two main ropes 93 cm thick! Each rope is made up of a plurality of thin wires. They say that if you stretch out these cables end to end, they would go round the Earth 3 times.

So if you are moving to SF and need long-distance moving help Cardiff Movers is an experienced and affordable option to choose and if you need only local move within San Francisco try some of moving companies in California. So open the golden gate to your dream future and consider moving to San Francisco. With welcoming diversity, people and culture anyone can feel right at home. 

The ultimate moving checklist: how to avoid comon moving mistakes

The ultimate moving checklist: how to avoid comon moving mistakes

Whether you are dealing with the long distance or short distance move, it can be stressful. However, there are tips you can follow to make the relocation easy. Get armed with these and create your hassle-free moving experience. 

  • Get organized 

Do not go head first into the moving process. Take a moment to organize and prepare yourself before you prepare your house. Start writing down your moving checklist. You may download a temple from the internet or create your own. 

Make several lists. Post them on your fridge or some other place and keep adding things when you come to think of them. Do not hope you can hold them all in your head. Make one list for packing supplies you need; another one for things to donate, give away or dispose of. A new list for your pets’ relocation, etc. 

  • Get a strategy

Plan the packing process. You can go room by room. Plan the help. You cannot and should not be doing it alone. Get your family actively participating in it. even small kids can help, if you turn packing into a play. Ask your friends, church folks or relatives to give you a hand. 

  • Pick your movers

First go online and get few quotes in advance or you will have to use last-minute movers then who are much more expensive. Then interview your movers to find the best option. The cheapest is not always the best. They say: hiring professionals is expensive, but you try to hire an amateur! So, take your time to find the best match for your moving needs. Consider hiring a full-service agency to handle your packing, loading, moving, unloading, etc. Place the order ahead of time. This way you can get a cheaper price and have everything booked. 

  • Count the costs

Once you know how much you are going to pay for the truck and moving services, go through your things one more time. Count the costs of transporting them over vs. buying new stuff. In some cases, you do not really need the thing. You just like to have it. Moving is a great time to declutter! 

  • Prepare your moving kit 

Once you get to the new location, you would need certain things there. Things to last you first few days: your clean socks and underwear, your makeup or washing supplies, your tooth brushes and paste, etc. Just pack all those items in a separate carry no bag. You may pack such a bag for each of your family member and make them responsible to handle it. 

  • Count your boxes

Make sure to do that before the truck is load and after you unload it. Make an inventory, number and label your boxes to see, if anything is missing. 

These easy relocation tips can help you arrange the process and control it. No need to get stressed out over it, if you plan everything ahead of time.   


Moving can become a bundle of trouble, if you do not watch for the commonly made mistakes. Getting a list of them can help you plan everything carefully and carry out a successful move. 

A list of most commonly made moving mistakes: 

  • Going with the first quote you get 

Do not limit yourself to just one moving company or the first quote you get. Take your time and ask for quotes from several places. You would be amazed at how much you can save just asking the right questions and carrying out negotiations. So, start planning ahead of time and hire the best service provider. 

  • Not making a plan to move your most valued possessions

You may think the movers would handle it all, but in most cases they do not move such things, as expensive wine, jewelry or some antique breakables. No need to plan the room for such things in the truck. Better come up with an alternative moving plan or find the movers that insure and handle these types of things. 

  • Forgetting about the insurance 

Most relocation companies do provide insurance to their clients. However, that may not be enough for you. It may not cover up all the expenses or situations. So, first of all check out for what they have to offer and next find the best insurance solution to keep your belongings safe. 

  • Forgetting to pack a first night kit

Even if you label and mark every box as well as possible, unpacking things the first night after the arrival can be a daunting task. So, the best solution is to pack your “survival” kit. Put everything you need the first day at your new place in one bag or box. Put your teeth brush and other personal care things there. Get some food, cups, clothes, etc. This way you can make yourself comfortable enough and reduce the level of stress. 

  • Moving in the high season or rush hour 

A move from town to town can become much more expensive, if you carry it out in high season. Prices go up during the summer, on weekends or holidays, etc. On the other hand moving during the low season can save you cash. So, check out for the best offer, book ahead of time and get all the discounts you can from your local furniture movers or popular franchise companies. If you move around the town, plan the relocation in the low traffic time. 

These tips would help you to avoid most commonly made mistakes and to handle your relocation the right way.

Transport Tips for an easy move

Transport Tips for an easy move

It is a lot of work to organize a move, and even more to do it without problems. Sometimes, when you are looking for ways to make a move efficiently, it can be disconcerting how to start and what are the most important things you should know when you move. From Transportista Barcelona we provide you with a list with a basic guide and moving tips that will help you.

  • Start as soon as you can. The more time you have to prepare before you start moving, the better.
  • Get rid of what you do not need. There are many places online to list, sell or give away things that you do not want to keep. You can also use these places to stock up on packaging materials such as boxes.
  • Start packing room by room. When you fill a box, place a label or write in it the room to which it belongs. It facilitates the organization and saves a lot of time when unpacking.
  • Distribute the weight in the most uniform way possible between the boxes. Carrying too much a box can cause it to break and also not be very healthy for your back. Try to spread the weight between the boxes as evenly as possible.
  • Make a “open first” box. It may seem like an extra effort, but it’s worth it. Place in it some basic things: plates, knives and other cutlery, toilet paper, soap, towels, sheets, medicines, etc. Once you are in your new home, you may be too tired to start unpacking the entire set of boxes and bags in search of something you may need.
  • Consider using a moving company. You may be tempted to make the move on your own, but sometimes when you add up the cost of buying supplies to pack, hiring people to load and unload, rent a truck, pay for gas, etc., it may turn out to be more than it would have been. If you had hired a moving company.
  • Plan the time and get help loading the truck. You must have everything ready for when the truck is ready to load the day of the move. Also try to find out how much time it will take to load the truck, if you have stairs or an elevator to move, it may take longer than usual. This means that if you can, you should consider using extra help, the best way to make a move is with the help of a professional moving company.
  • And do not forget, last but not least, enjoy it! Moving is not always easy, but it is definitely a change and an opportunity for a new beginning. So take it as an adventure and start a new chapter in your life!
National removals

National removals

Moving to another city is a challenge, both to plan the move and to assume the cost involved. The price of the service increases depending on the distance between the old house and the new residence. So that the move is carried out without problems and at an economical price the best option is to resort to a specialized company. Here we explain all the points that you have to take into account and we give you some practical tips to make your move successfully.

What is the price of the national removals?

To calculate the approximate price of a standard move within the national territory, it is necessary to calculate the fee applied by the vehicle that carries out the transport. The most frequent fares are calculated according to each kilometer or every hundred kilometers traveled.

The price of a move is calculated taking into account several elements. The first thing to do is to know the number of paintings and furniture that must be transported. That way, the company can provide an exact quote.

In addition to the amount of furniture, equipment and pictures that are transported, the distance between the address in which the objects are collected and the place they are to arrive in the main element that affects the final price of the service and is applied as a supplement to the basic price of the move. In general, companies calculate this supplement based on the kilometers traveled.

As the number of kilometers increases, the rate is reduced for each individual kilometer. This means that the more separated the two cities are, the lower the supplement per individual kilometer will be. The figure increases in the case of the islands because the ferry fare is included.

Do you want to know how much a national move will cost?

Depending on the budget and the time you have available, you can choose between moving for yourself or commissioning a moving company. In the latter case, locating the company that best suits your needs may require a lot of time. The most advisable way to find the perfect removal company is to compare the budget offered by each professional. To do this, simply request a personalized quote online. Fill the form on our website and you will receive, within a maximum of one business day, up to 6 budgets from six different companies specialized in the sector. Choose the company that offers the cheapest price and save up to 40% on the price of your national move.

When should you hire a moving company?

If you have to move to another city in Spain and even make a change of region, this means traveling a long distance so you may need one or two removal trucks and specialized personnel.

It is advisable to go to a moving company in the following cases:

  • If you have little time (for work reasons, for having to leave your home on a certain date)
  • If the packing of your belongings is complex
  • If you have a lot of furniture or are very bulky
  • If the new house or the old one is located on a high floor that does not have an elevator

The advantage of trusting a professional removal company is that they can solve all aspects of the move quickly, without the risk of damaging personal items and without having to worry about packing, assembling or transporting your belongings. You just have to choose a date and decide what you have to take to your new home.

How is a national move made?

Moving to another city or state is much more complicated and longer than moving within a city. The organization of the move, in general, is done as follows:

First day

  1. Remove the furniture
  2. Pack the furniture in boxes and load them in the cation
  3. Move the furniture to the place of destination

Second day

  1. Arrival at destination
  2. Unloading boxes and furniture
  3. Assembly of furniture (if necessary)
  4. Return to the starting point

If the company can not find another service that covers the return trip, you can also charge the amount. This usually does not happen, since the removal companies try to combine different services to always travel with the truck full. In this case, the company reduces the cost of the trip, which saves up to 50%.

In addition, the most important moving companies have offices and staff in all cities in Spain, so the furniture and boxes are unloaded by the staff that is in the destination city. In this case, you do not have to pay the expenses to spend the night.

Some useful tips to organize a national move

A move is always complicated and stressful, so it is necessary to organize it in advance. Here is the list of the most important steps you should follow when planning a national move:

  1. Ask for a budget in advance. To do this, you must know the exact distance between the place of departure and the place of destination.
  2. Make a detailed list of all the objects you want to transport.
  3. Buy cardboard cartons.
  4. Begin packing the items at least one month before moving.
  5. Disassemble your furniture one or two weeks before the transfer.
  6. Make sure the electricity, gas and water service distributors are informed of the move.
  7. Prepare a small suitcase with everything you need for the first night at the destination residence.

Now that you have the information you need to move to another city or state, all you have to do is find a moving company that performs the service. Get in touch with the companies in your area by filling in the following form and stating your zip code. You will receive up to 6 free and personalized quotes to compare and choose, comfortably from home, the one that best suits your needs. This budget is made without any commitment on your part and allows you to choose the best company to make the move of your home saving up to 40% in the final price.

Prepare the children for a move

Prepare the children for a move

Therefore, it is important to keep as much as possible the habits, schedules, and routines of the child and warn him of the changes he will experience in the coming days.

The little ones can become whiny and sticky, pee again … You have to try to understand them and not shout or quarrel. A positive attitude on our part, knowing how to transmit enthusiasm and turn the transfer into an exciting experience will make things much easier. The crisis will pass and the child’s behavior will return to normal.

Here are some tips for children to adapt to changes that involve a move as soon as possible:

  1. It is good to visit with the child the neighborhood and the new house to be known before the move. When we show it to you, we will talk about what your room will be, what your father and mother are, what is the use of everything …
  2. Let’s offer small special periods of time to walk, read and play.
  3. We adults must also take care of ourselves and spend time: sufficient rest, physical exercise … which will allow us to have the necessary energy for the transfer and to take care of the children. Perhaps it is necessary to establish priorities and dispense with some daily tasks and activities.
  4. It is fundamental to share feelings, to allow complaints to surface, how difficult it can be to change homes and express everything we feel.
  5. But we must also highlight the positive, the incentives and advantages of the new neighborhood, the new house … Our enthusiasm will be contagious.
  6. It is better to keep the decoration of your room at the beginning and transfer your possessions and favorite objects to the new house. Beware of taking advantage of the change to get rid of old junk that may be important to the child!
  7. It is not the best time to introduce other important changes in the child’s life, such as removing diapers or starting to go to nursery school.
Tips for your move

Tips for your move

From all our years of experience we have compiled some tips to facilitate your move:

The day of the move:

  1. Try not to keep backup copies of information from your computer equipment near magnetic objects, because this would cause the deterioration of the copies and the loss of information.
  2. Once the employees have arrived at your home, demand the identification of the manager, as it will be your reference during the entire move.
  3. In all packaged goods must contain the content as well as where it comes from (room, kitchen, living room, …).
  4. In the new home, all the belongings must be placed in the places you indicate.
  5. A person must attend the move. Remember that you have the right, at least, to one day off at work for moving the home.
  6. Most companies charge cash and in cash, keep it in mind.

Before the move:

  1. Trust professionals and always look for a specialized company that offers you a guarantee. Be wary of very cheap moves. Quality, service and efficiency come at a price. The budget always has to be in writing. Any other means is only informative.
  2. Request a free visit to your home to evaluate the conditions of the move and prepare a detailed budget.
  3. In the usual budgets are not included drills, carpentry, electrical installations or plumbing, consult it before.
  4. Check that the removal company is legally constituted. Ask for an approved budget.
  5. If the goods go to a furniture repository, make sure that you are going to make a furniture storage contract and a detailed inventory of the things you are going to put into it. The payment is usually by direct debit. If you have valuable items (works of art, jewelry, valuable figures, etc.), please mention it, normally this type of pieces are not included in the usual insurance of removals, you should hire a special insurance. Request reference rates. Avoid being charged arbitrarily. You decide the form of the budget, closed, or pay strictly what you consume (case of packaging) Move yourself, and whenever possible, very fragile objects and those of more economic or emotional value. If it can not be, expressly communicate it.
  6. If you are leaving part of your belongings in a furniture repository, demand a deposit contract.
  7. Avoid worries: plan your move in time. Specify the days in which the details will be made and organized personally.
  8. The local moves are usually made in one day, the national ones in 2 or 3. Keep this in mind to make your planning.

After the move:

  1. First, check the status of the objects, if you discover broken items in the presence of the operators leave them and give the manager a list. Ask him to sign the document and call the company to report the incident.
  2. If you detect damage after the people responsible for the move have left, call the company immediately. Remember, you have 24 hours. For packed objects, not visible are given 5 business days.
  3. Demand the invoice, this is the only valid document that justifies the completion of the service.

Packing on your own:

  1. If you clean the objects before packing, you will save work when distributing them to your new location.
  2. Fill the boxes so that the objects do not bounce inside.
  3. Protect crockery and glassware by wrapping each piece with protective paper or plastic.
  4. Place the books horizontally so that the corners are not damaged.
  5. Take advantage of the move to get rid of unnecessary utensils and objects.
  6. Try as much as possible to plan the distribution of furniture in your new home, you will save a lot of time.

A budget should include:

  1. Address of the load.
  2. Content of the service.
  3. Information about insurance.
  4. Packing material.