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What to Expect When Moving to San Francisco

What to Expect When Moving to San Francisco

San Francisco is a popular city among people who are not just looking for a new place of residence but for a whole new lifestyle. Many people, according to experience of Cardiff Movers, no matter how or when they are planning to move – alone or with family – consider SF, the largest city in the state of California, as a place they would love to live. I’m sure if you asked anybody in Cali they would all say that they always wanted to move here. This popularity has led to the fact that the city is the 4th largest in the state by its population and 12th largest in the United States. More than 800 thousand inhabitants live in San Francisco itself and many more in the surrounding metro region. The city also ranks as second in the US by population density (among cities with a population over 200 thousand inhabitants) with more than 18,000 people per square mile. The city covers an area of over 121 square kilometers. It is the financial, cultural and transportation center for San Francisco Bay, the largest metropolitan area in California with a population of over 7 million people.

One of the main reasons for which many people consider a relocation to San Francisco, is the fact that the city has an amazingly developed economy. Since the days of the Gold Rush San Francisco has been considered to be an important financial and commercial center. Nowadays the region has many high-tech industries, companies and research centers. To the south of San Francisco Bay is where the world famous Silicon Valley is located. This huge technology center has a strong impact on the economy of the region and the country too. More than just high tech computer gadgetry is the pharmaceutical industry which is also highly developed. Hundreds of companies engage in medical electronics, genetic engineering and biotechnology which not only improve the prosperity of the area but the healthcare as well.

Trade in the region of San Francisco goes through the major Port of Oakland as well as eight other small ports and three key airports, which provide about 30 percent of trade for all of the West coast of the country. So when we say major hub for trade and tourism, we mean it.

It is no secret that one of the great pillars of the local economy is tourism of course. San Francisco ranks third in America for the number of foreign tourists which visit this city each and every year. In total there are more than 17 million people who come to San Francisco every year because it is here that they know they will find a lot of things that will make their vacation something special. A surprising statistic is the number of people who come to SF to simply take interesting walks downtown or in the surrounding region. So before you think it is just a tourist trap you now need to consider the beauty of the place because all these people come for a walking related reason.

As in any major city there is busy traffic and a lot of people. However, the high skyscrapers of city center coexist with the older and more unique buildings such as those found in Chinatown, which is perhaps the largest Chinatown in the US with its pagodas, narrow alleys and exotic products in the shop windows. And don’t forget the food. Street vendors in SF are becoming world famous for their culinary delights.

When it comes down to urban landscape, San Francisco is very varied with hills, ethnic districts and neighborhoods, beautiful parks and coastal areas all adding to the flavor of this magic city. It is difficult to count how many hills are in the city, but their approximate number is 50. Many of the hills of San Francisco are so well known that numbered among the attractions of the city are the popular Twin Peaks Hills, luxury Nob Hill and Rushen Hill.

The museums of San Francisco are also amazing. The most popular of these are the de Young Memorial Museum with its vast collection of American art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Asian Art Museum, where artifacts of most Asian countries are kept, the Wells Fargo History Museum and many others.

Many people after completing their move to San Francisco join in with the touristy thing of taking photos with the main symbol of San Francisco – the Golden Gate Bridge. Many people believed that this bridge could not be built due to the fact that in this area there is too foggy; the winds blow more than 60 miles per hour and the strong ocean currents which would prevent building. San Franciscers, however, defied nature and won. Now the golden silhouette of the bridge is clearly visible even in heavy fog. The length of the bridge is 2730 meters and there are six rows of traffic and two pedestrian walkways. The bridge is suspended by two main ropes 93 cm thick! Each rope is made up of a plurality of thin wires. They say that if you stretch out these cables end to end, they would go round the Earth 3 times.

So if you are moving to SF and need long-distance moving help Cardiff Movers is an experienced and affordable option to choose and if you need only local move within San Francisco try some of moving companies in California. So open the golden gate to your dream future and consider moving to San Francisco. With welcoming diversity, people and culture anyone can feel right at home. 

The ultimate moving checklist: how to avoid comon moving mistakes

The ultimate moving checklist: how to avoid comon moving mistakes

Moving the home, office, or commercial establishment can be very stressful. But you don’t have to feel overwhelmed if you can plan everything efficiently. Here is a moving check-list that will help you stay organized, plan all the tasks, and avoid the common mistakes. Don’t leave anything to chance for the big day. Our tips for moving and the check-list will answer many of your queries on how to move in California. They will help both short and long-distance moves.

  • Get organized

Write down your moving check-list. Move from room to room and write down each item that must be relocated. Ask everyone in the family for help. Once the list is ready, find out the total number of things that need to be moved. You can even take pictures so you know whether there are any damages once the move is complete.

  • De-clutter

Look at every room in your house. There must surely be many unwanted clothing, furniture you don’t need anymore, and other things like pots, pans, bedding, and dishes. Donate them to charities or sell off. This is one of the most important moving tips that will help you greatly. You will reduce the cost if you make the move leaner. Plus, you don’t want to clutter up the new home.

  • Prepare a budget

Create a relocation budget. Long-distance moves can cost around $5000. A local move will only be around $1000 or less.

  • Find a moving company

It is always best to work with a professional moving service. There are many California moving companies. Ask your friends who have relocated before. Search on the internet. Look at their credentials and experience. Prepare a shortlist of 2-3 businesses and then speak with them. Ask for quotes. Ask tips for moving. See how helpful they are. Finalize the moving date and time. Remember, cheapest is not always the best.

You may want to hire a full-service moving company that can do everything – packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, and cleaning.

  • Set up an essentials bag

It will be good to have an essentials bag with you all the time. The bag should contain important documents, keys, medicines, water, jewelry, toothbrush and paste, and one change of clothing. Never let this bag go out of your eyes. While considering packing tips for moving, think of what essential items you can include in this bag.

  • Count the boxes

Always remember our packing tips for moving because they will make your job much easier. Count the number of boxes you have once the packing has been done and before they are loaded into the truck. Do one final comparing with your moving check-list to make sure that everything has been included.

These easy relocation tips can help you arrange the process and control it. No need to get stressed out over it, if you plan everything ahead of time.

How to Avoid Common Moving Mistakes

You can read a moving guide and go through several moving tips. But even after this, many people make several critical mistakes. Here are some of the most common mistakes made during the relocation.

  • Not receiving more than one quote

Always research several relocation companies and ask them to quote the price. You should at least get 2-3 quotes before deciding. Remember, negotiation can save you money. Tell them that you are speaking with other moving companies as well. You can be sure to receive lower prices if you do this.

  • Not hiring a fully insured mover

There can be damages during the loading, transit, and unloading even if you are working with the best moving company, and even after they take all possible precautions. This is why you must always work with a company that offers fully insured moves. This will ensure that you get paid for any damage.

  • Selecting the cheapest moving company

You will either receive an in-home estimate or they will just ask for the number of bedrooms and then provide you a quote. Never go with the cheapest quote. You may have to spend a few hundred dollars more, but remember, your things are always more valuable, especially if you have critical items like electronics, glassware, chandelier, piano, and valuable furniture.

  • Not beginning to pack early

Start packing as soon as the move is finalized. This will give you more time to get organized and plan everything well. You can save money if you pack yourself. You can find free or cheap packing boxes if you approach your local grocery or liquor store. Read a moving guide to know what other packing supplies you need and how to find them at low price.

  • Not labeling the boxes

You must always label each box with the items in it. Compare with your moving check-list once done. Labeling will help you find out easily which box contains what items. This will help you unpack and arrange everything at the new place.

  • Not selecting the right moving time

High season or rush hour moves will always cost you more. Prices also go up during the summer, on holidays, and weekends. Speak with your moving company. Ask them how to move in California on a budget. Find out which day of the week and time of the day can save you money. Ask whether a weekday evening will be better for you. Find out whether they can offer you any discount.

  • Not transferring the utilities

You want to have everything ready at the new place – water, electricity, internet. You will also have to look for a new school for your child. Do everything while you are planning the move. Be ready so that life can start immediately.

This moving guide and check-list will surely help you immensely. With these tips for moving, you will be able to avoid the common mistakes many people make.

Transport Tips for an easy move

Transport Tips for an easy move

It is a lot of work to organize a move, and even more to do it without problems. Sometimes, when you are looking for ways to make a move efficiently, it can be disconcerting how to start and what are the most important things you should know when you move. From Transportista Barcelona we provide you with a list with a basic guide and moving tips that will help you.

  • Start as soon as you can. The more time you have to prepare before you start moving, the better.
  • Get rid of what you do not need. There are many places online to list, sell or give away things that you do not want to keep. You can also use these places to stock up on packaging materials such as boxes.
  • Start packing room by room. When you fill a box, place a label or write in it the room to which it belongs. It facilitates the organization and saves a lot of time when unpacking.
  • Distribute the weight in the most uniform way possible between the boxes. Carrying too much a box can cause it to break and also not be very healthy for your back. Try to spread the weight between the boxes as evenly as possible.
  • Make a “open first” box. It may seem like an extra effort, but it’s worth it. Place in it some basic things: plates, knives and other cutlery, toilet paper, soap, towels, sheets, medicines, etc. Once you are in your new home, you may be too tired to start unpacking the entire set of boxes and bags in search of something you may need.
  • Consider using a moving company. You may be tempted to make the move on your own, but sometimes when you add up the cost of buying supplies to pack, hiring people to load and unload, rent a truck, pay for gas, etc., it may turn out to be more than it would have been. If you had hired a moving company.
  • Plan the time and get help loading the truck. You must have everything ready for when the truck is ready to load the day of the move. Also try to find out how much time it will take to load the truck, if you have stairs or an elevator to move, it may take longer than usual. This means that if you can, you should consider using extra help, the best way to make a move is with the help of a professional moving company.
  • And do not forget, last but not least, enjoy it! Moving is not always easy, but it is definitely a change and an opportunity for a new beginning. So take it as an adventure and start a new chapter in your life!
National removals

National removals

Moving to another city is a challenge, both to plan the move and to assume the cost involved. The price of the service increases depending on the distance between the old house and the new residence. So that the move is carried out without problems and at an economical price the best option is to resort to a specialized company. Here we explain all the points that you have to take into account and we give you some practical tips to make your move successfully.

What is the price of the national removals?

To calculate the approximate price of a standard move within the national territory, it is necessary to calculate the fee applied by the vehicle that carries out the transport. The most frequent fares are calculated according to each kilometer or every hundred kilometers traveled.

The price of a move is calculated taking into account several elements. The first thing to do is to know the number of paintings and furniture that must be transported. That way, the company can provide an exact quote.

In addition to the amount of furniture, equipment and pictures that are transported, the distance between the address in which the objects are collected and the place they are to arrive in the main element that affects the final price of the service and is applied as a supplement to the basic price of the move. In general, companies calculate this supplement based on the kilometers traveled.

As the number of kilometers increases, the rate is reduced for each individual kilometer. This means that the more separated the two cities are, the lower the supplement per individual kilometer will be. The figure increases in the case of the islands because the ferry fare is included.

Do you want to know how much a national move will cost?

Depending on the budget and the time you have available, you can choose between moving for yourself or commissioning a moving company. In the latter case, locating the company that best suits your needs may require a lot of time. The most advisable way to find the perfect removal company is to compare the budget offered by each professional. To do this, simply request a personalized quote online. Fill the form on our website and you will receive, within a maximum of one business day, up to 6 budgets from six different companies specialized in the sector. Choose the company that offers the cheapest price and save up to 40% on the price of your national move.

When should you hire a moving company?

If you have to move to another city in Spain and even make a change of region, this means traveling a long distance so you may need one or two removal trucks and specialized personnel.

It is advisable to go to a moving company in the following cases:

  • If you have little time (for work reasons, for having to leave your home on a certain date)
  • If the packing of your belongings is complex
  • If you have a lot of furniture or are very bulky
  • If the new house or the old one is located on a high floor that does not have an elevator

The advantage of trusting a professional removal company is that they can solve all aspects of the move quickly, without the risk of damaging personal items and without having to worry about packing, assembling or transporting your belongings. You just have to choose a date and decide what you have to take to your new home.

How is a national move made?

Moving to another city or state is much more complicated and longer than moving within a city. The organization of the move, in general, is done as follows:

First day

  1. Remove the furniture
  2. Pack the furniture in boxes and load them in the cation
  3. Move the furniture to the place of destination

Second day

  1. Arrival at destination
  2. Unloading boxes and furniture
  3. Assembly of furniture (if necessary)
  4. Return to the starting point

If the company can not find another service that covers the return trip, you can also charge the amount. This usually does not happen, since the removal companies try to combine different services to always travel with the truck full. In this case, the company reduces the cost of the trip, which saves up to 50%.

In addition, the most important moving companies have offices and staff in all cities in Spain, so the furniture and boxes are unloaded by the staff that is in the destination city. In this case, you do not have to pay the expenses to spend the night.

Some useful tips to organize a national move

A move is always complicated and stressful, so it is necessary to organize it in advance. Here is the list of the most important steps you should follow when planning a national move:

  1. Ask for a budget in advance. To do this, you must know the exact distance between the place of departure and the place of destination.
  2. Make a detailed list of all the objects you want to transport.
  3. Buy cardboard cartons.
  4. Begin packing the items at least one month before moving.
  5. Disassemble your furniture one or two weeks before the transfer.
  6. Make sure the electricity, gas and water service distributors are informed of the move.
  7. Prepare a small suitcase with everything you need for the first night at the destination residence.

Now that you have the information you need to move to another city or state, all you have to do is find a moving company that performs the service. Get in touch with the companies in your area by filling in the following form and stating your zip code. You will receive up to 6 free and personalized quotes to compare and choose, comfortably from home, the one that best suits your needs. This budget is made without any commitment on your part and allows you to choose the best company to make the move of your home saving up to 40% in the final price.

Prepare the children for a move

Prepare the children for a move

Therefore, it is important to keep as much as possible the habits, schedules, and routines of the child and warn him of the changes he will experience in the coming days.

The little ones can become whiny and sticky, pee again … You have to try to understand them and not shout or quarrel. A positive attitude on our part, knowing how to transmit enthusiasm and turn the transfer into an exciting experience will make things much easier. The crisis will pass and the child’s behavior will return to normal.

Here are some tips for children to adapt to changes that involve a move as soon as possible:

  1. It is good to visit with the child the neighborhood and the new house to be known before the move. When we show it to you, we will talk about what your room will be, what your father and mother are, what is the use of everything …
  2. Let’s offer small special periods of time to walk, read and play.
  3. We adults must also take care of ourselves and spend time: sufficient rest, physical exercise … which will allow us to have the necessary energy for the transfer and to take care of the children. Perhaps it is necessary to establish priorities and dispense with some daily tasks and activities.
  4. It is fundamental to share feelings, to allow complaints to surface, how difficult it can be to change homes and express everything we feel.
  5. But we must also highlight the positive, the incentives and advantages of the new neighborhood, the new house … Our enthusiasm will be contagious.
  6. It is better to keep the decoration of your room at the beginning and transfer your possessions and favorite objects to the new house. Beware of taking advantage of the change to get rid of old junk that may be important to the child!
  7. It is not the best time to introduce other important changes in the child’s life, such as removing diapers or starting to go to nursery school.
Tips for your move

Tips for your move

The Census data tells us the 31 million Americans moved in 2019. Americans move a lot, an average of 11.7 times in their lives. So here are some useful moving tips that are going to help a lot of people. The tips for moving you will find here is the result of many years of closely watching relocation services and the problems people face. These moving tips will show you how to move in California easily and safely.

Before the move:

  1. Plan early. Start looking for a moving company as soon as you have decided to move to another city or within the same city. There are many good local and long-distance moving companies in California. Use the internet to find relocation companies, ask your family and friends who have moved before.
  2. Contact at least 3-4 California moving companies and ask for quotes. Some of them will make home visits, while others will give you an estimate depending on the number of bedrooms in your house. Make sure that you receive the quote in writing.
  3. Always hire a fully licensed and insured moving company. Be wary of very cheap moves. The cheapest service is rarely the best.
  4. The quote you receive may not include the price for drilling, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical appliances. Be sure about what is excluded.
  5. Fix up the date and time of your move.
  6. Read up our moving guide and think of any other questions that comes to your mind. Ask for answers from your moving service.
  7. Decide whether you need a storage facility. There should be a separate contract for this. Ask whether the storage facility is clean and safe. Be particularly careful if you have valuable possessions like costly furniture, jewelry, works of art, piano, electronics, chandeliers, and precious glassware. Demand a deposit contract for using the warehouse.
  8. Local moves usually take about a day. Long-distance national moves about 2 to 3 days. But always ask your moving company how long it will take.
  9. Transfer all the utilities – internet, power, water.
  10. Arrange for school transfer.
  11. Check your new home for water leakage, power set up, security systems.

The day of the move:

  1. Read up packing tips for moving. Remember, packing, loading, transit, and unloading are all very important. There will be a higher chance of damage if everything is not packed well.
  2. Start packing early. This is not something you can do in haste.
  3. Label each box. Give them numbers. Write down what you have in each box. Have separate boxes for the living room, kitchen, bedrooms. Don’t mix up.
  4. Demand identification when the moving employees come to your place. This is a very important moving tip – remember always.
  5. One person from the family should be always with the employees. Do not over trust even if the movers and packers are very credible. Watch closely while they are loading your stuff into the vehicle.
  6. Keep some cash with you. This will be handy.

After the move:

  1. Check the boxes even before packing. Do you see any damage? Take pictures if you do. Then unpack and check the status. Create a list of broken or damaged items and take pictures once again. Forward the list and pictures to the moving company manager. Ask him to sign the document and call the company to report the incident.
  2. Call the moving service immediately if you notice any damage later. Remember, you have to report within 24 hours. For packed objects, this is 5 business days.
  3. Always ask for an invoice. This is the only document that shows that the move is complete.

Packing on your own:

  1. Self-packing can save you money. So consider packing at least a part (half-packing) of your home. Read our moving guide for packing tips.
  2. Clean everything before packing. This will save you trouble on arrival.
  3. Make sure that all the boxes are packed tight. They can bounce inside if there is any empty space. Secure everything.
  4. Separate packing supplies are needed for different things, for example, electronics, glassware, cups and pans, television, furniture, etc. Ask your moving company to provide packing tips for moving each item.
  5. Label each box. Assign them numbers.
  6. Have different boxes for each room. Don’t mix them.
  7. Place the books horizontally so that the corners are not damaged.

The moving budget:

How much the move cost you will depend on various factors like,

  1. Distance of the move (local or long-distance move)
  2. Number of bedrooms
  3. Total weight
  4. Resources deployed
  5. Time of the move
  6. Type of vehicle and goods